Creative multifunctional smart board
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Creative multifunctional smart board

In today's digital era, education smart board as the new favorite in modern classrooms, have brought about earth-shaking changes in teaching with their powerful functions and diverse features. Let us explore together how smart board can bring unique advantages into teaching and help shape the future of smart education.
Whiteboard writing: unlimited creativity, upgraded interactive experience
The whiteboard writing function of the smart boadrd not only supports 20-point writing and single-point pen writing, but also provides multiple colors and background switching to meet the needs of different teaching scenarios. Through writing software, teachers can easily record and save teaching content, and implement functions such as gesture wiping, circle selection and dragging, copying or deleting, inserting pictures, adding pages, etc., providing powerful tool support for interactive teaching. Students can actively participate through the annotation function to promote the creation of a learning atmosphere.
The glass hardness of fully tempered glass (AG anti-glare tempered glass) reaches Mohs level 7, ensuring safety and security. This makes the all-in-one education machine an ideal choice for unlimited creativity and interactive experience upgrades.
Smart touch: simple appearance, smooth interaction
The educational all-in-one machine is designed with a simple arc-shaped appearance and is equipped with 20-point touch technology to ensure high sensitivity and smooth writing experience. This not only allows teachers to operate more freely in class, but also provides students with a more intuitive and interactive learning method.
All applications support dragging and sorting, long-pressing to uninstall, and recent taskbar clearing open applications with one click, making it convenient and quick to manage classroom resources. This smart touch design brings a more efficient interactive learning environment to education.
Teaching function: efficient assistance, multi-screen sharing
With built-in office software and efficient conferencing software, the all-in-one education machine provides teachers with a number of practical teaching functions. The built-in welcome interface and office software allow teachers to carry out teaching content more smoothly. The 2.4G/5.8G dual-band and dual-bandwidth support enables simultaneous use of wireless Internet access and WIFI hotspots, ensuring a smooth network.
It supports wireless same-screen and multi-split screen functions, and can automatically identify and jump to external input signal sources, making screen switching easy and convenient. This provides more possibilities for multimedia teaching and meets the flexible needs of different disciplines and courses.
Machine functions: intelligent experience, environmental protection and energy saving
The educational all-in-one machine has a built-in high-definition image processing engine, including image motion compensation (HDR), color enhancement processing, and point-to-point display technology. These functions provide clear, high-quality images and provide a more realistic and vivid display effect for teaching.
Functions such as smart sleep, touch screen wake-up, and one-button energy saving not only contribute to environmental protection and energy saving, but also extend the service life of the device. One-click eye protection and one-click anti-blue light functions pay attention to students' health, making long-term study more comfortable.
Built-in reserved OPS interface, expandable to dual systems (Windows/Android dual systems), providing more application possibilities. Sidebar buttons, gesture calling methods and touch control switches can be freely switched to provide users with a more convenient operating experience.
Summary: The future choice of smart classrooms
The educational all-in-one machine provides more comprehensive and efficient support for teaching with its powerful features such as whiteboard writing, smart touch, teaching functions and overall machine functions. This is not only an advancement in educational technology, but also an active exploration of future smart education.
In this digital and intelligent era, all-in-one education machines are becoming the leader in shaping the smart classroom of the future, bringing a richer and more convenient learning experience to students and teachers.

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